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SBH LogoEducation and Craft Foundation / Stiftung Bildung und Handwerk

The “Education & Craft Foundation” is an important German organisation for educational programmes. It co-ordinates the activities of legally renowned independent educational institutions in Germany (around 300 locations) and abroad (locations in Spain, Poland, Estonia, Czech Republic and China). It was founded by the Kreishandwerkerschaft (Local Council of Skilled Crafts) Paderborn, an organisation that can be described as the employers’ association of craft businesses in the Paderborn region. Worldwide there are more than 3,000 full-time specialists and executives working for the foundation and its educational institutions. Furthermore the Education & Craft Foundation employs about 5,000 part-time staff, made up of freelance trainers, teachers, lecturers and professors. The foundation works within partnership with many educational institutions which operate nationally as well as internationally, among them are:
  • Technology and vocational training centres
  • Institutes and institutions for office skills and information technology
  • Academies for professional training and educational Institutions
  • Institutions for supervision, rehabilitation and employment
  • Primary and secondary schools and technical colleges, plus full-time vocational schools
  • Private state-registered universities for applied sciences.


The German Technology School was founded in 2001 in Pärnu by the Technology and Vocational Training Centre of Königs Wusterhausen which is part of the Education & Craft Foundation (Germany).

The aim of the founders of the school is to enable contemporary vocational training through level schooling and continual education, proceeding from European quality standards and experience, and is also taking into consideration the fact that there is a lack of qualified workers in enterprises of high importance in Estonia, especially in the field of technology and engineering.

The school follows the Estonian legislation on education and is based on the National Curricula, which is being improved from time to time by the newest trends in Europe. Through this kind of schooling the founders of the school aim to enhance people’s attitude towards vocational training as a relevant category when it comes to acquiring a profession. Furthermore, the school participates in EU financed international projects in the field of vocational education.


LEADING INTERACTIVE GmbH operates in different trading areas. The core competence of LEADING INTERACTIVE is located in e-learning consulting, where we support SMEs and Global Players in introducing e-learning in their business processes. We're coaching the companies from their first ideas through pilot projects to the roll-out in the development of innovative learning and education scenarios. Beyond that, we qualify trainers to "e-Trainers" which are certified by the distance university in Hagen (FernUni in Hagen). These courses are offered as open seminars as well as inhouse workshops.

PRO ECOPro-Eco d.o.o.

Pro-Eco d.o.o., is a Slovene company (established in 1991), with the team of creative and enthusiastic young professionals, with key professional competencies in the field of EU project management and development of ICT supporting services / products. The company is involved in the development of individual e-learning contents and localization of foreign e-learning contents to the Slovenian language. We develop e-learning process supporting technical tools and e-learning contents. The company is also engaged in the implementation of blended education (combination of e-learning and classical educational approaches). Additionally, the company also provides other ICT supporting services and solutions such as: innovative and efficient business applications and web pages; 3D interactive web applications; CAD planning, 3D modelling and other graphical solutions; table and mobile applications & technologies and complete visual presentations for demanding clients.


NOORDERPOORT COLLEGE is a regional education centre (in Dutch: ROC) operating in almost every area of vocational education and training (VET) and general adult education. Providing a wide range of long-term andshort-term courses in vocational education on level 1, 2, 3 and 4, apprenticeship training and adult education for almost 23.000 students and with 1.800 members of staff, it is the largest organisation of its kind in the northeast of the Netherlands, close to the German border.

With the development of tailor-made courses for companies and institutions the college meets the increasing demand for lifelong learning in the european knowledge society. The college developed a wide range of e-learing materials like CD-ROMs, web-based trainings, handbooks etc. in co-operation with a number of international partners, e.g. VOLKSWAGEN COACHING GERMANY, BUNTING, LEER, BUCHAREST UNIVERSITY, SABER PROFESSIONAL UK, NCGE IRELAND, RGU IN ABERDEEN.


Bulgarian-German Vocational Training Center is founded in 1996 in Pleven on the basis of bilateral agreement between the Bulgarian and the German government according to a project about “Vocational training and employment reassurance”. The main purpose of the center is increasing the opportunities for employment mostly among unemployed people or endangered ones by means of professional training and professional qualification improvement.
The center is carrying out vocational training in accordance with the European quality standards - modern techniques, methods and technologies.

innovacion y cualificacionInnovación y Cualificación, S.L.

Innovación y Cualificación S.L. presents a huge experience in the educational World. It was founded in 1998; taking the legacy of a previous company created in 1989.

We are specialized in the creation and edition of formation material, as much as all services related to the formative framework. We supply products and services to companies all over the country.

Our company presents the following areas:
  • Design and edition of contents leaded to personal, distance and on line training courses. They consist of reference books, note books, interactive CDs and DVDs, and multimedia contents for e-learning courses.
  • Printing and duplication of such materials for our clients and our own use.
  • To provide ICT services (implementation, hosting, administration for virtual campus…) for on line formation.
  • To provide a form master for helping in distance and on line training courses. There is a call centre with about 70 teachers available.
There are contents in several areas, such as business & administration, computing, health, graphic arts, hotel trade and tourism, construction industry, gardening, transports…

cevetcevet, University of Paderborn

In Europe, the centre for vocational education and training (cevet) is a unique interdisciplinary affiliation of researchers in the field of economic education, economics, business administration and psychology.

Cevet as a research and development centre has a focus on vocational education and deals with issues such as diagnosis and development of competences, steering of vocational education systems, effects of vocational education on the economic system, development and evaluation of company and school training measures.

The use of supporting new media completes the profile of the interdisciplinary research centre.Das centre for vocational education and training (cevet) ist ein in Europa einmaliger interdisziplinärer Zusammenschluss von Forschern aus den Bereichen der Berufs- und Wirtschaftspädagogik, Volkswirtschaftslehre, Betriebswirtschaftslehre und Psychologie.

Das cevet fokussiert als Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum den Gegenstandsbereich der beruflichen Bildung und beschäftigt sich mit Fragen der Kompetenzdiagnose und -entwicklung, der Steuerung von beruflichen Bildungssystemen, Wirkungen beruflicher Bildung auf das Wirtschaftssystem sowie der Entwicklung und Evaluation von betrieblichen und schulischen Bildungsmaßnahmen. Anknüpfungspunkte zum unterstützenden Einsatz neuer Medien runden das interdisziplinäre Forschungsfeld ab.
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